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Fire doors within a care home

Guest Mark

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Hi folks,

I am hoping to pick some brains of you knowledgeable fire safety guys. I am a carpenter and have been asked to price to replace a few fire doors in a 1960's care home for residents with dementia.

Upon my first assessment of the place I noticed 95% of the fire doors that were fitted had been altered to turn them into fire doors/frames.

What I mean by altered is the old 1960s 35mm door frames had been used to swing 44mm fire doors, so I'm guessing the density of the softwood alone isn't correct. There are a lot that have chunks of wood missing from both frame and the door so don't actually seal properly, the doors have been routered out and intumescent strip fitted to the doors and lot of the door closers didn't work properly neither. Most of the fire doors in the corridors and communal rooms aren't glazed which I think is a risk in itself, if an elderly resident is standing behind and someone comes and opens the door its going to hurt!

So my question is does anyone have any inside knowledge of what a care home is obliged to have fire door wise as I have suggested that 98% of the frames and doors need to be replaced. but the price is coming out to be around £70k materials and labour. 

Are there any regulations with the actual main fire exit doors, the doors that are kept closed and only used in case of emergency to get outside. They are currently glazed (not sure if fire rated glass has been used although they are the wired, how can you tell? ) 

What about electric and boiler room doors? 


The other thing is, due to the building so old, I'm guessing non of the bedroom stud walls or ceilings are fire boarded and should a fire ever happen, the walls would burst into plames before the doors and frames....am I just over thinking it?

Really appreciate any advice and help anyone can give.

Many thanks,



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Hi Mark,

Find out if a fire risk assessment has been carried out. If it has ask for a copy because this document should identify fire related risks for that particular building and therefore enable the building operator to prioritize fire safety works. 

If there's no fire risk assessment advise your client to get one done by a suitably qualified person. The law that applies is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and from what you say it seems like your client may need assistance in complying with the legislation. Health care buildings have the benefit of purpose-made guidance documents called Healthcare Technical Memorandums such as HTM05 for fire safety and HTM 58 for doors. Check them out.

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