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New build house, wired, inter-connected alarms chirping


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Live in a new build house 7yrs old, with 3 mains wired inter-connected smoke alarms, one per floor. Top one has started chirping about every 30 seconds. Continues to chirp when disconnected and battery taken out! Replacement date isn't for another year - has it just worn out early? Also it only seems to chirp in cold weather I.e. this time of year at night! Heating being on / hairdryer / vacuum treatment seems to fix it temporarily. It isn't battery as replacing this has no effect.

Manufactured by Garvan from Hong Kong, have bought a new FireX mains powered inter-connected one but unsure if it'll talk to the other two Garvan ones and also needs electrician to fit?

Have also seen the EasiChange scheme.

Interested in NEST but too expensive at moment.

What's the best way forward and what's causing the chirp please?


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Hi, check first of all that there is no Carbon Monoxide alarm in the room with a low battery! Then replace batteries in all your existing smoke alarms. If that does not help, see if you can claim new ones based on the warranty of the house. Then replace all three alarms. Mixing is not likely to work. The Easichange http://www.safelincs.co.uk/replacement-smoke-and-heat-alarms/ scheme is only available for the Irish made Aico smoke alarms.


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Thanks for the advice, the other two work fine without this one, so don't think the battery in all 3 will make much difference, the other two will run out next year anyway if manufacture date is similar so replacing all 3 might be the right option.

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