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How to stop fire exits staying open after students press emergency release?

Guest daveCl

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Hi, I'm just looking for some advice really. I work in a high school and we have emergency break glass devices for our door access system. The issue is we have pupils constantly pressing the break glass which obviously releases the door until it is reset. Is there any other solution that can help solve our issue? Would a switch for example be good enough as it would cut the power when pressed as a break glass would, but when released it would lock again?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Dave

For an access control system it is generally recommended to install both an emergency door release call point as well as a non-emergency exit button.

When a door is secured by (for example) an electromagnetic lock, the access control exit button can be used to release the door to exit from the building. The exit switch acts as a momentary door release device, in that the door will “lock shut” again after use. The amount of time between releasing the door and it re-locking is dependent on the other devices installed as part of the access control system. Some electromagnetic locks reset as soon as the door closes, and other systems fitted with a keypad can be programmed to lock after a set period of time.

To try and deter use on the emergency door release call point, it may be advisable to retrofit a call point cover over the emergency device. This is available with or without alarm.

I hope this helps.


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