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Linking wireless alarms to existing non-wireless alarms


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We have mains operated interlinked (but not wireless) smoke detectors on the landing on 3 floors of a 3 storey house. We want to add mains operated smoke detectors in 3 bedrooms on the top 2 floors and a mains operated heat detector in the kitchen on the ground floor. We want to interconnect them to the existing system. Can we do it with wireless detectors? Or would we need to replace the existing detectors with wireless ones? And will we be able to link the mains power to the lighting circuits in the bedroom, so as to avoid having to cut entire new channels in all the ceilings?

I don't know what brand the exising detectors are - they have a logo that looks like a diamond made out of a big triangle on one side and four small triangles on the other.

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Guest Stuart

Without understanding more about your existing system I would be unable to comment. You can have detectors installed by a qualified electrician to existing mains power sources, but it is always best to consult with them before going ahead with an installation.

If you are looking for a mains powered interlinked system then the following link shows the units that can be installed: http://www.safelincs.co.uk/Radio-Interlinked-Smoke-Alarms/. We are always happy to talk to our customers and try and help them implement a system that meets their needs which is why we have a free phone number 0800 612 2946.

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Guest PaulWebb


I have a number of Ei160 series 230V powered smoke alarms in our house. We are now extending and I need to add further smoke alarms in the extension. We left it a bit too late to get the cables under the plaster. Can we connect new Ei160 series alarms to the existing alarm with radiolink? How would we power the new alarms?


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