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Ei164 brand new alarms and still beeping

Guest Hannah

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Hi there,

About 5 days ago the smoke alarm in our kitchen started emitting a beep every 30-40 seconds. Having done research I found out that this might indicate low battery power. On dismantling the alarm I discovered that it operates with lithium cells that can't be replaced. The unit was due to be replaced in March 2014 anyway so I ordered 2 replacements Ei164RCEK which are the ones that don't require an electrician to replace them.

I replaced both the kitchen one and the hall one last night, turned the power back on and both tested and reset the alarms. But the kitchen one still beeps every 30-40 seconds! I thought it might just need to charge up but it's been over 12 hours now and it's still beeping. I really don't want to have to pay for an electrician having forked out £100 for these 2 alarms!

These are brand new units so I can't understand why this is happening. Can anyone help?



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Hi Hannah

Can you please remove the smoke alarm off the ceiling and press the test button for 10 seconds? This should stop the beeping. If you can still hear beeps while the alarm is down, maybe a nearby CO alarm is beeping.

If the above has resolved the beeps, please refit the alarm back on the base.

Should the alarm start beeping again, please swap the two smoke alarms you have. If the beep 'follows' the alarm, you will need a replacement. If the beep 'stays' with the base, you need to check the wiring to make sure all connections are tight and sound.

I hope this helps


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