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Deafened by fire alarm sounders

Guest SandraGra

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Guest SandraGra

Could you please advise if there is any legislation regarding siting of fire alarm sounders...we are 3 ladies in a very small office and have a sounder in there...it is so loud and when weekly tested (not same time every week) we are left deafened. Have enquired about having this resited but not much luck. Many thanks

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In normal office building there is not reason for the sound to be so high as top cause discomfort.

A sound level of 65db is required as a minimum but this could be reduced lower in certain circumstances.

In any case the sound pressure levels should not be greater than 120 dB(A) at any normally accessible point.

As long as the levels are correct in relation to the requirements of the standards governing the installation of the fire alarm system, and it is not just a case of over sensitive hearing, (sorry ladies)

you could ask the service company to turn down the sound levels on the devices, or

approach the issue from a H&S aspect dealing with excessive noise in the work place.

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