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1L Water Mist Fire Extinguisher impresses

Guest Michael

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I had a chance to test the 1L Water Mist fire extinguisher at the fire academy last week.

The fire was a 'test rig' using gas to emulate a fire in a BBQ or a large waste bin. As we could not use real solid or liquid fuels at this location, it was effectively a class C fire.

The unit performed perfectly, putting the fire out almost instantly 3 times in a row before almost running out of water.

I see this unit as a very capable addition to the typical 2 kg dry power extinguishers sold at hardware stores. It is harmless to electronics, does not produce any waste that needs cleaning and the distilled water is not an irritant to your airway and eyes. Finally it fits behind my bedroom doors, leaving it out of sight when the door is open (helps getting it approved by my wife :-)

The fellow students at the academy and the instructors quite liked the size and power of the unit, I think it would sell quite well if available here in Denmark, especially in retail stores.



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