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Dealing with Non-Compliant Fire Door Installation After Multiple Inspections

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Hello Community,

I'm seeking guidance on how to address significant issues with a fire door installation at my home, which has undergone multiple inspections:

1. Background of Inspections: The initial inspection was carried out by building management, identifying several compliance issues. The contractor, who is primarily a locksmith, was then hired to fix these issues based on the initial inspection results.

2. Non-Compliant Door Closer: Despite the intention to rectify compliance issues, the contractor installed a Perko R2 door closer. Upon contacting the manufacturer, I confirmed that this model does not comply with current UK or EU regulations for fire doors.

3. Excessive Gaps: There is a noticeable gap of more than 4mm on the bottom left side of the door post-installation. The contractor suggested that this might be permissible, which contradicts known safety standards.

4. Door Functionality: The door fails to close fully on its own from most positions, which is essential for fire safety compliance.

5. Concerns About Contractor’s Expertise: Given the contractor's background as a locksmith and apparent lack of specific training in fire door installations, I am reluctant to let him continue the work. I fear further inadequate work could lead to damage requiring a complete door replacement, incurring significant additional costs.

6. Pending Payment and Certification: I have not yet paid for the installation due to these unresolved issues. The contractor insists that the installation "looks a lot better" and plans to issue a certificate stating that the door has passed inspection.

Given the history of inspections and the ongoing issues, how should I proceed to ensure the door is corrected to meet all safety standards without incurring further costs due to poor workmanship? What steps can I take if the contractor attempts to enforce payment or provides an unwarranted compliance certificate?

Your advice, especially on handling the certification and payment issues and on finding a qualified professional to properly rectify the installation, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.

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