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Fire door requirements - Mixed use property

Guest Deelie

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Guest Deelie

A bit of a complicated one.. please help!

I own a residential property, main door entrance with three floors above. It’s an old Victorian and I haven’t done any major renovation works.

The rest of the ground floor is a small commercial property which has sole use of the basement which can only be accessed from a shared back door (no direct access from the shop) and from my property (on the ground floor in my property there is a door to a corridor which leads to a back door and the basement. A means to take out the bins for me really).

I haven’t changed any doors in the property and believe that the original Victorian doors / frames are in situ. I’ve measured the door from my property to the corridor and it measures 40 mm.

Am I legally required to ensure that this is a fire resistant door?

It’s all rather confusing.

I can’t really afford to rip out the current door frame to build it out for a 44 mm fire resistant door and want to know my options if I do have a legal requirement to ensure that the door is fire resistant. Would intumescent paint be a suitable alternative?

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

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Guest Stephen

Hi, I'm new to this site and no means an expert in any way and belive that no matter what reply you get it will always lead back to the right advice from Mike in getting an qualified risk assessor to come out in person to tell you that you may need. That way your have peace on mind in knowing the right answer. 


Having said that, I'd love to hear updates on this subject so we can learn more. Out of interest is there and small stamps with a arrow color on the old doors. Similar to the photo I've attached to the bottom 



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