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Uncertified fire door with glazing which also is Uncertified

Guest Lee

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Guest Lee

Am I right in thinking that a uncertified fire door with glazing that is also not certified can not be classed as a nominal door due to the fact that there is no evidence that the door can accept the glazing? 

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Because its a Nominal fire door there is no evidence of fire performance for the door. Because their is no evidence there is no way of checking whether or not glazing is permitted and to what specification. Therefore it remains a Nominal Fire Door but check the glass for evidence of fire resistance, such as a mark in the corner of the panel and check that beads, gaskets and fixings appear to be suitable.

Always do your utmost to make sure that it really is a nominal fire door and not a certificated or evidenced fire door but with the certification/evidence marks removed or obscured. Also, still carry out an inspection for fire safety order compliance purposes.

Edited by Neil Ashdown MAFDI
To add more info and correct a typo
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