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Fire Door Hinges

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I have UK Intelligent Grade 7 Hinges BS: 1935:2002. (X3)  On purpose built apartment front door.  Recent Inspector claimed Grade 7 not sufficient, not fire rated. Hinges need upgrading.  They stated if the existing were ‘grade 8, 9 or 10’ they would be fine.  Grade 8 under above BS is a window hinge…. Grade 9 a window/door both much less vigorously tested and This is for fire door so above does not compute stating window hinges would be appropriate for said door.  (I’m wondering if he may have been referencing grade 8 of the predecessing BS: 7352:1990, but he would/could not clarify and I can’t find free access to BS: 7352:1990 but he was looking at a hinge with BS 1935:2002 stamp so part of my confusion) 

UAP:  The apparent manufacture/distributor fo above hinge, their data  seem to state these hinges as coded 27211207 under BS: 1935:2002, although this is not stamped on the actual hinge, this is per website hinge data (buildings built 2006/2007) I believe more comprehensive stampings of fire rated/codes were not implemented til circa 2013 ish so should not anticipate the code in full nor certfire to be stamped on the hinge at the time?   These are also steel hinges which should supersede the 800 degree melting point.  

These hinges are on a number of apartment doors across the block, and seems a spattering of communal utility cupboard doors.  The assessor advises these all must be replaced to grade 11 as not compliant with current regulations, yet building regs then and now refer melting point only (and the AIG now claims grade 13 vs grade 11 recommended - Communal corridor doors are already 11). I dont think any of the doors are over 40kg (weight grade of existing hinge) and from what I can work out, if they are steel they should have been ok then. (3 sets on all doors) and should remain ok until in need of replacing for actual maintanence concerns re failings/loose screws etc.  Please advise 🙂

Also, is there a specific BS guidance metal wrapped doors for around 2006/2007, re gaps install etc, it seems the latest install guidance I can find is BS 8214 but this appears to be for timber based doors (there is timber in these doors, but front and back surfaces have and offset edge metal wrapping intumescent strips and smoke seals round all frame.).  US documentation I have found re metal doors reference at 1/8 gap advised with a tolerance of 3/16 inches for metal doors which is different to the timber (I presume as metal expands when warm weather).  I recognise this is the US, but is there similar in UK for metal wrapped doors? 

Advice/insight would be appreciated :-). Thankyou very much in advance

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The document Hardware for Fire & Escape Doors available at  http://firecode.org.uk/Code_of_Practice_hardware_for_fire_and_escape_doors.pdf    contains some very useful information about hinges including Critical Recommendations at section 2.2. The information therein should enable you to decide an appropriate course of action. 

For metal faced timber-based fire resisting doors it will be necessary to consult the technical manual for the 'specific fire door leaf' to find out what is permitted in terms of fire resistance performance. eg  image.png.1d5a4a5910fb444fd5460355948bbf66.png

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Thanks Neil,  

The GAI code you linked is one of the documents making me question the advice given (sorry, I typed AIG above vs GAI) and I am struggling to reconcile the advice given (as noted) being correct against this document linked, BS 1935 or building regs.   The GAI document  (along with building regs, BS 1935 and manufacturer coding specification) suggest current hinges meet these critical requirements (of the time pre2013, built 2006/7) such that if well maintained, functioning and complete should only need to be uprated when actually in need of replacing due some other mechanical/maintanence failing.   

might you have a link to the document screen shotted re the door facing - fire doors.  The metal wrapping is on front apartment doors not communal (moulded), doesn’t cover  the door edges or intumescent seals, they are deemed nominal FD30, still trying to source a specific definitive identification and technical manual. 


I thanks again

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