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Glazing & Mdf frames

Guest Ben

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Hi, In our office there is an older FD60 door which has no intumescent around the glazing. Should these be upgraded or will they be okay as this was allowed back when they were installed. Also the frame is MDF is this allowed or is a new frame needed. We have no information on these doors.

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Without identification of the glazing, in terms of the gaskets and the door leaf in the case of the MDF frame its difficult to answer your questions. 

Are there any marks on the glass that could be used to identify the product?  Also are there any stencil marks on the top edge of the door?  Begin there to try and trace the products to the relevant installation data sheets, failing that you could engage an experienced and knowledgeable fire door inspector for consultancy. 

Alternatively, a suitably experienced fire risk assessor may be able to provide 'risk-based' advice. 

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