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Intumescent seals on double FD30 fire doors within a retirement complex, original supplier JELD-WEN.

Guest Philip Johnson

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Guest Philip Johnson

We have double fire doors at the entrance and  into a communal lounge within our retirement complex, all residences are owner occupier's and the property is 7 years old, at present we have intumescent seals around both doors this being the hinge side and the top, but, not where the two doors meet should there be.????

Could you also help me with a problem we have within our complex we have 45 apartments all with FD30 JELD-WEN doors fitted, as you probably well know we will eventually start having periodical inspections of our doors, but many no longer have the certifire labels attached it is only stuck on to the top of the door and over time has been lost, if it ever was attached in the first place. At present we have been unable to obtain any labels from JELD-WEN as a replacement, this I assume will be a problem for thousands of other apartment owners throughout the UK. Your opinion would be most helpful.



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The double leaf doors, if fire doors, should have intumescent seals and smoke seals at the meeting edges too. 

Loss of Certifire labels is a common issue but a competent fire door inspector would usually be able to identify the doors using residual pieces of label and manufacturer marks on the doors. There are 45 doors so there's a reasonable chance that enough information is still present, assuming all doors are the same.  More of an issue, usually is where the door has been incorrectly installed thus invalidating the product certification. 

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