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Types of locks on flat entrance doors

Guest Harvey

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I'm looking for a bit of help on some locks we have come across on flat entrance doors and riser doors. We see quite a few locks similar to the one in the picture.

Some have correct BS standard markings on and others don't. However, on all doors it is very easy to see through the lock to the other side of the door. Often the cutting around the keyhole is oversized and not filled with any kind of intumescent protection. My concern is that this type of lock could let smoke/flames through very easily.

Are these locks suitable? And what repairs should be done?  I'm hoping some of you might be able to help me. Thanks.


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Guidance available here:  https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1124733/Approved_Document_B__fire_safety__volume_1_-_Dwellings__2019_edition_incorporating_2020_and_2022_amendments.pdf   Building Regs  Approved Document B appendix C section  C15.

Also 'Hardware for Fire & Escape Doors: Code of Practice' http://firecode.org.uk/Code_of_Practice_hardware_for_fire_and_escape_doors.pdf      

Clearly, this door is damaged beyond repair at the closing stile and the markings on the lock faceplate cannot be read from the photo so unsure if the lock pre-dates Construction Products Regulations.  All parts of the lock should be fitted tightly to the door leaf and door frame with no unnecessary gaps or voids from 'over-morticing' and at the correct position (usually between 800mm and 1200mm from the bottom edge of the door depending on the door manufacturers installation requirements).


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Guest Paul the joiner

Basicly the door is seriously weakened  both for security and  fire safety, fire safety because there is a key hole through the door which in a fire will  suck air through to make the fire   worse, and eventuality  burn into the core of the door, needs to be a euro profile lock and cylinder with intumecscent pads around the lock in the mortice slot, id also check for 3   ball bearing hinges and  marked  for fire  doors, tap the door hard to  check its not a hollow flush door eg egg shell type  filling inside.


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