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FED Finishing detail

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After any advice from the forum ūü§ě

We have some FED's which are on external balconies and have ducts and services passing through the existing fan light sections. Our door supply can not provide any testing to cover pipework and vents passing through the fan light section and the client has flat refused to relocate anything.

If we install fire batt and intumecent sealant across the fan light section is there a a standard board used for cladding over / protecting the fire batt from damage that anyone has used for ease??

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Given that the flat entrance doors need to be fire rated..............

Initially, I would consult the manufacturer of the ablative batt and sealant system for evidence of fire resistance performance including the penetrations.  I would use this evidence to satisfy myself that the batt with fire-stopped penetrations meets the necessary fire and smoke resistance requirements, so that the over-boarding on both sides is additional to fire performance rather than integral to it.     With regard to over-boarding the batt I would use a fire resistant cement based board on both sides.

I would have an open-mind just in case a batt & sealant system proves unsuitable and a masonry based solution is necessary. 

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Thankyou for the reply Neil.

I had contacted well known manufacturers of both previously and have received replys now confirming there would be no test evidence to back up either solution so at a loss with it at the moment.

I presume the only way to move forward is to offer the above suggestions to the client / consultant for comment, and not certify this section of work or carry out a masonary solution.

Its hard work the social housing side of things.



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