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Fire doors


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I am in the process of booking a fire door inspection through safelincs. 

Essentially I would like some clarity as I am receiving conflicting information. 

1. Essentially we have a property which is classed as a HMO albeit not licensed. The premises was our family home, we had some work completed back in 2009 and fitted fire FD30 doors throughout. However they did not have any closers, strips or anything else as we were living at the property at the time. The doors do not have a fire rated label however I have found invoices of when the doors were purchased which clearly stated they are fire doors which I have retained. I have also contacted the supplier from whom we purchased the doors and they have said our doors do not have any markings/labels to say they are fire doors. 

2. The frame/lining for the doors is MDF/ white oak lining not fire rated. I have had conflicting information. A reputable company have carried out a site visit and said that the frames do not need to be changed in these circumstances only as they are as per the installation guidance provided for the door. They have said they will provide certification once other remedial works are completed to say the doors are now compliant. Does this sound correct?. 

3. The other part I am slightly confused about is how and what gaps between the frame and surrounding brickwork or stud wall should be filled with dependent on the gap size can these be filled with fire rated foam, fire rated packers and fire rated sealant?. 

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks 


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thank you for your post. Please find the answers to your questions from our fire door team below.

1. As you have already had an inspection and you’re aware that certain elements are missing, a further inspection would only confirm the information so you’d be spending out on something it doesn’t sound like you need. It may be worth having the additional work carried out and asking your previous company to carry out a further inspection, particularly as they’ve said they’ll certify the work.

2. Safelincs will not certify remedial works or any installation not carried out by our installers but we obviously can’t comment on other companies’ processes and procedures.

3. It depends on the gap; packing strips and foam can be used up to 25mm but anything larger would need to be filled with fire-rated cement/mortar. Architrave must be fitted with packing strips and foam.


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Guest Sheildaig


When you say packing strips and foam for a gap up to 25mm, is this intumescent foam and intumescent packing strips? I have a contractor saying ordinary foam conforming to fire class B3 can be used to fill the gap behind the door frame. In fact they are saying intumescent foam shouldn't be used because it can fall out. Confused!

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