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Upgrading lazing beads to wired glass panel

Guest Liz

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Hi there, 

I have had to upgrade the door to my flat recently to FD30, which is fine but there is a wired glazed panel, consisting of 4 panes, next to the door. On the  inspection report, I have been told that the glazing beads need to be replaced to comply. There are only glazing beads on one side of the glass, do I just need to replace them or have I got to pull the glass out and put intumescent seals on the recessed area of the frame on the other side of the glass also? 

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Its a question for the 'inspector' but if you can demonstrate that you have carried out the works in accordance with the wired glass manufacturer's requirements, that should be acceptable. 



Above are only suggestions as we don't know which product the wired glass is and when it was made.  Where you are unable to identify the glass, you should use best practice methods https://shop.ggfmembers.com/a-guide-to-best-practice-in-the-specification-and-use-of-fire-resistant-glazed-systems-ref-20-1/   and   https://www.ggf.org.uk/about-the-ggf/contact/ 

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