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Guest Tom

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Hi, all

I am hoping someone here can help. 

We have an Ei168 Optical Smoke Alarm fitted to the ceiling of our upstairs landing. It was installed in the last six months. 

Last night, the unit started beeping at regular intervals. This morning, I pressed what I took to be the test button for roughly 20-30 seconds. The alarm did not sound when I did this, but the beeping stopped (so that, at least, is a relief). There is now an amber light flashing every sixty seconds (roughly). 

Does anyone have any advice as to what the problem might be? I have read a couple of other posts, but the description of the problems faced in those seems slightly different to this one (I may be wrong in this, of course). 

Your thoughts would be most welcome. 

Best wishes (and happy new year)


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Hi Tom

Could you clarify if it is the smoke alarm that is flashing or the base? If the flashing light comes from the base this would indicate that the cell batteries are depleted and need to be recharged. This could be the case if your smoke alarm has been disconnected from mains power and starts using the power from the batteries.

Here is a copy of the EI168RC manual which explains the issue in a bit more detail on page 7 and 8: https://www.safelincs.co.uk/templates_safelincs/files/datasheets/540_Ei168RC-User-Manual.pdf


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