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Escape ladder for window/roof in the US

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Greetings from over the pond. We live in CA and have a dormer-type window which opens up to a slanted/pitched roof. The roof ends in a hanging gutter. We would need a ladder that is light enough for a child to use (anything over 20 lbs is probably out of the question) and can be rolled out over the roof like your Roll-O and EasyEscape products. The others would likely just drop onto the roof in a tangled pile which the youngster would then have to crawl out onto the roof and untangle and drag over to the gutter and kick over the side (highly dangerous and unlikely scenario). So I am stuck with few options here. I am thinking your roll-o and easyescape products would work (so long as they are not too heavy). However, I have not seen these for sale anywhere in the US, either on-line or at the stores. Could you provide the names of any distributors in the US where we can get these? Do you ship overseas?

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Hi Tom

Yes, both the Rollo and the Easyscape fire escape ladders would do the trick. The problem is that our manufacturers do not have insurance cover for sale to the USA and Canada (the old story about high liability claims in the USA and Canada). So we can send these fire escape ladders anywhere in the world but North America. I am really sorry about this. It really shows that lawyers do not only affect large corporations but also consumers.


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That is disappointing. To be certified for foster care over here we must have a fire escape ladder for each bedroom. I guess I could just buy the drop type and stick it in the room. I would meet code but it would be entirely useless in our house.

Do you know of any solutions or companies in the US I could look into - any recommendations?

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