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  1. It also depends on the internal arrangement and the need to protect against radiant heat in respect of the means of escape from the first floor.
  2. The decorative surrounds to doors, architraves, are acceptable. It is only timber panels or other combustible materials over 1/32 inch in thickness applied to walls/ ceilings that is not acceptable in a common areas (protected route). As for fire doors, a well fitting 44mm solid core doors ( with 25mm x 44mm screwed and glued stops ) fire door approved in the past will generally outperform and last some of the newer doors that have come onto the market in latter years. Often old decorative panelled entrance doors were upgraded with fire rated infill on the internal (flat) side. The risk is, if the upgrade was conducted between the 1950's and the late 1970's it will be a an asbestos containing material. I known GLC and others tested this upgrade arrangement for listed doors and they passed the fire tests applicable at the time.
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