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  1. Hi, when housing standards was mentioned I thought the EHO was what Neil meant, as they deal with the health and safety of properties and that is who I approached and they were the ones who said they can’t do any more.
  2. Hi, I have and they told me to go back to the landlord or fire brigade as they are the enforcement body. When I explained that the LFB aren’t being helpful either the council in a round about and polite way said if they aren’t getting involved then we certainly can’t do anymore.
  3. Hello all, so I have been in a back and forth with landlord for some months now regarding my newly fitted flat entrance fire doors in that there is a gap under my door that is 15mm and my cat is trying to claw at the seals so I have put a strip across it but my cat destroyed that too, there are gas in the door above 4 mm and in some parts less than 2mm, there isn’t anything on the door showing the manufacturer, no labels or plug and both the landlord and contractor are refusing to give it ( assuming one actually exists) and whilst all the the doors in the block slams shut to the point it has become unbearable to live in, the door (well certainly mine as I don’t know about the others) doesn’t lock/click into the latch and can just be pushed open with a finger. As the landlord isn’t playing ball I got the fire brigade involved and explained about my door and the basement door with the meters as it was left open (literally) without closers or a key etc especially as the new light is now permanently left on 24/7 whereas before it was on sensors. The inspector came to the “site” checked the basement and checked a different tenants door and said the property is broadly safe and meets the RRO 2005 so if I have safety issues with the door I should take it up with the landlord ( which I have but they wasn’t responding hence my involving the LFB) but when I pointed out that it doesn’t meet the standards that is on their own website the inspector says there can be some leeway etc which makes me think why other have the min and max rules if it can be changed to suit the landlord or contractor. The landlord did “resolve” the basement issue by issuing keys for the basement following the Inspector telling the landlord the night before they were due to arrive to add the fire doors keep shut sign however it took 2 weeks of my fighting to get the keys and we didn’t have access to the basement with the gas meter for 2 weeks after the inspection as the inspector took the word of the landlord that we had keys to access it when we did not. This has left me confused as I thought fire doors were part of the fire brigades remit to look at, looking at someone else’s door and deeming mine safe when it doesn’t even latch isn’t helpful and as a result my landlord have dug their heels in further with not wanting to fix the door as they now have support from the LFB.
  4. Thanks Tom. Yes the door with the gap is my flat door. The gaps issue is only on one side and was initially thinking it was to allow for the seals to do their thing in the event of a fire thought isn’t that the point of the 2-4 mm gap? How do I go to the top with the fire service though, there isn’t anything on their website to escalate and the person I was initially emailing (an inspection officer)!just keeps telling me to report it to the landlord who isn’t doing anything either. I can’t seem to get past her. It is the fire door to the basement where the meters are that no longer self close. The landlord was making such a song and dance about the basement being one of the most dangerous areas, it just seems odd they would go from having a fire door with a closer to now having one without a closer and can’t be shut without a key which is missing.
  5. Hoping to get advice on next steps. Landlord ( housing association) did an upgrade of the fire doors in our flat conversion recently. although old, the previous doors had closers, and gaps between 2-4mm, but didn’t have seals and brushes. The new doors have seals and brushes but has gaps at around 6mm ( I used the wedge tool thing you get from safelincs) on the left side where the lock is and is shining lighting in from the communal hallway. In Addition to this they also changed the communal cupboard doors and the door to the meters in the basement with the new fire doors however the door does not shut on it’s own, it doesn’t have a closer and can can only be locked shut with a Chubb key which is now lost despite it being only 2 months since the upgrade so the door is now constantly left ajar. The current door is actually worse than the old door as the old door was on a closer, and self closed into the latch. The landlord are unwilling to recall the contractor fix the issue and the local fire brigade said they have estates to assess so don’t have the time to Visit.
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