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  1. Hi, is it ok to rout a fire door to fit a smoke and fire seal, or does that affect the fire resistance ? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your comprehensive answer πŸ‘
  3. Is there any requirement to have handles on a 30 min fire door ? I have yale type night latches with no little button to hold the latch (do they need to be fire rated and stamped ?) and seperate mortice euro locks with no handles but with thumb turn cylinder inside. eg can I have the yale type latch and two mortice locks with thumb turns ? or is that too many locks on one door ? thankyou
  4. Thanks for that, Im trying to work out, how thick is the intumescent/ smoke strip ? does the thickness vary as to whether its a self adhesive one that fits in the frame or a routered one in the door ? thanks
  5. Hi, I am in the process of arranging for my fire doors to be upgtaded. The joiner who does a lot of these told me the max 4mm gap is not possible as the door wouldnt close properly with the intumescent strips fitted. Is that correct ? Thanks
  6. hi, is there any regulation on whether a 3 storey building split into 4 small flats needs 30 or 60 minute fire doors ? also If it was split before 1991 lacors does not apply is that correct ? if so what does ? thank you
  7. Hi, I have a house converted into small flats, it’s a 3 storey building. it already has mains heat and smoke detectors, but should it also have a control panel ? If so is there a certain spec it would need to be ? also would it need call points ?(break glass) ? if it makes any difference the communal area is only 2 storeys of stairs, with the top flat having its own private stairs. thanks
  8. Hi, do locks on wooden fire doors from flats going to the stairwell need to be thumb turn ? if so what type are suitable for wooden doors ? also if one separate flat has its own Upvc exit door going directly outside does that need to be thumb turn ? Thanks
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