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  1. Hello, I have emailed a Fire Door Inspector from that website and she has emailed me that she does not need to come and see the door because "just looking at the photos I can say the door is not a FD30s compliant door". She has recommended that I go to my landlord and "demand a new door and frame". I was quite surprised by how adamant she was. I am very worried that the council has outsourced the work of installing fire doors to unskilled individuals and I'm concerned that this is happening on across multiple council premises as this raises the risk of harm considerably. Very scary indeed and worth me contacting my local councillor about.
  2. I have now contacted the council (my landlord) and they have said a surveyor will get in contact with me within 10 days. Would a surveyor be able to check fire door compliance? How much do you think would an independent fire door inspector might charge?
  3. Sorry Tom, I have edited my first post - PLY INT FD 838 P is the new door.
  4. Yes, there is a self-closer and it works when I drop the door. I'm concerned that the person who worked on the door shaved off too much of the lipping - the edge where the lock is, is actually springy and part of it is perforated and seems hollow behind it for a bit. I would imagine this means that the mortise lock is not particularly securely installed either? Can you explain what you mean by weird hinges (I was confused by why he added putty over the hinges)? I'm trying to get a list of all the things the workman did wrong to speak to the council about. Do you think that the council has to do something about this door within a specified time frame, given that fire doors are required in this block? I'm also trying to work out what type of door the blue door is so I can specify to the council I would like that type of sturdy fire door again.
  5. Hello, I'd like some help regarding my flat's front door. I live in a council block and I was burgled a month ago (see photos of the previous blue door). On Monday a workman came around to replace the door and I'm alarmed at the quality of his work which he took 9 hours to complete. This is supposed to be a fire door (PLY INT FD 838 P), but he trimmed it because it did not fit the frame. The area around the lock feels spongy and actually there is a crack when I press down gently. He also did not fit intumescent (fireproof) seals on the door (in fact he denied the previous door had this!). Can anyone advise whether the door needs to be replaced? Also I am wondering if anyone knows the type of the previous door? It looks to be much more sturdier and I feel like the new door is more fragile.
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