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  1. Thank you all, very useful to hear others advice from the industry. I have considered free-swing doors but as Tom says, in most of the purpose-built blocks there is no fire alarm system. And if there is I'm asking why! I did have a report that one 95 year old lady couldn't open her flat front door even with a cam action closer, which raises other questions that I don't have control over. Perhaps suitable adjustment is key in this situation. Thank you Neil for comments re fire doors. I'm trying to find a risk appropriate solution that doesn't place too much financial burden on Leaseholders but considering the events of 2017 perhaps it's time that the gold standard is sought. Thanks again
  2. I am involved in over-seeing a number of flat entrance door upgrades in older blocks (1950's-1970's) that have non-compliant (chain closer or self-closing hinges) or no self-closing device. Many of the residents to these blocks are elderly and I am finding that they struggle to open the door with an over-head BS EN 1154 compliant self-closing device. In some cases residents have been completely unable to open their front door even with a cam-assisted closer adjusted to the minimum setting. This is becoming a real problem especially where the drive is to enable people to remain independent in their own homes for longer. Power assisted door openers are obviously a great expense for elderly people. Are there any products/solutions available that I am missing?! Are fire doors constructed of that age even to be trusted as providing 30 minutes? What was the general type of construction of the door leaf in the 60's-70's? I have my opinions on these matters and appropriate management/maintenance but I'm interested in other people's views, particularly those with experience and technical knowledge that I lack! Greatly appreciated.
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