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  1. Hi I'm a carpenter and have recently won a contract up grading fire doors and I have also been asked to do small bits of fire stopping.. mainly in riser cupboards... do I need a qualification to do this? A fire inspector has gone in first and pointed out the bits that need doing with a photo and brief explanation. So am I ok just to go ahead? Thanks chudy
  2. Hi Iv recently won a contract up grading the iron mongary and fire/smoke seal on old fire doors. I know the gap has to be 3-4 mm but a lot of these doors have a decent leading edge on them. Will this fail the door? as it makes the door stop side edge over 4mm when the door is shut.... also if the 8mm hard wood edging has been completely planed through does this affect the integrity of the door? Thanks chudy
  3. Do you need to be qualified on installing fire stopping products? I'm a carpenter but have been asked about doing some fire stopping.. I don't really want to do it as I'm not 100% sure on best methods. What would happen if I went a head? Could I get in trouble?
  4. Hi On the same subject of gaps round fire doors. Does the door stop side of the door still need to be 3-4 gap?. I'm currently up grading old fire doors and they have a decent leading edge on the lock side. I'm sure once this side meets the door stop it will be over 4mm but the side you can see is 4mm or lower. And can I use hard wood edging on the bottom to close my gap to 10mm? Thanks
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