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  1. Thanks, AnthonyB - It's easy when you look at it like that 🙂
  2. I've been asked to carry out a risk assessment for a block of flats, and I'm trying to find the best way to describe the building. Essentially, it has two four storey buildings with a common stairwell, but there is a flat on each half landing, with a total of eight flats. Is this, therefore, an eight-storey building which is only four storeys high? Thanks 🙂 (Sorry if it's posted in the wrong forum, I couldn't see one for 'Odd Building Designs'
  3. Very comprehensive, thank you. Could this detector be used in a Part 6 system, or would that be considered 'overkill'? Thanks again.
  4. Sorry for the poor photo, and it's definitely a heat detector, but I'm trying to determine if this there are any differences between Pt1 and Pt6 detectors and, if so, where this one fits? Also, the manufacturer would be helpful because, although I've seen loads of them in situ, I can't find photos of them online. Thank you 🙂
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