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    We were asked to meet a sprinkler engineer at a unit within a shopping center to confirm that the fire alarm will do the following: Notify the fire alarm panel if that sprinkler has been isolated via the isolation valve. Notify the fire alarm panel if the sprinkler system has triggered. If there was a fire then the fire alarm within the unit would trigger and that panel will notify the main center system that it is in fire. My question for you brain boxes is, is it a regulation that the sprinkler system has to notify the main panel of the two points above or is it enough that the fire alarm is already connected to the main sprinkler pump so it knows if there is water moving through the system. the reason for the query is the current system is not connected to each unit so it wouldn't know if they had been isolated or were spraying water. Thanks
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    knowledgeable reply, thanks.
  3. galuk1


    We came across a site that is approx 20 years old, they asked us to take a look at the fire alarm whilst onsite and I noticed that the smoke detectors / sounders were wired in twin & earth mains cable. Is this allowed or do they have to upgrade the wiring to FP?
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