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  1. Hello all, I understand the role and responsibilities of a local fire authority fire officer and their powers but what about as an independent risk assessor. What are the implications of completing an inspection where you believe there is a risk to life. I.e chained and padlocked/ blocked fire exits. What can a risk assessor do, so that they can walk away with a clear conscience, if indeed they do walk away before rectifying the situation. You can obviously inform the responsible person verbally. Does it need a follow up e mail, before they get the report? Do you report to the local fire authority, but then are you in breach of GDPR or does that override that? For me it would, as my primary role it to safe life and therefore privacy may have to come second. In multi occ. premises do you need to inform all occupants, verbally and in writing/e mail. Do you contact the landlord directly? I appreciate morally you have a duty of care to the occupants to do everything you can to mitigate the circumstance and reduce the risk by implementing the above but legally where do you stand. What would you do/ have done? Any references, legal or otherwise, much appreciated. Many thanks. Steve
  2. Good morning, In a small office block there is a fire door leading onto a stairwell. This door opens out and is located towards the corner of the stairwell. If I want to rejig the layout of the floor and put another door in the wall where the existing door opens onto, what is the minimum distance along that wall from the existing door will the new one have to be. Many thanks
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