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  1. Brilliant this is so helpful. I've started referencing these documents. Just so i can be clear: 1. Lippings: refers to the border strip of wood around the perimeter of the door? 2. Routering the door to make sure the seal is level. Does this mean sanding the lipping so that it is an even/level distance with the the seal that's attached to the frame? 3. When you say the self adhesive holds the seal in the groove: what does this mean? Thanks so much again. John
  2. Hello Thanks in advance for any help. I need to fit intumescent strips and smoke seals to my doors. 1. My first question, regarding the max 3mm gap allowed around the sides and top of the door. Is this the gap between the door and frame not including any space that is closed by fitting seals/strip? Or, if, when the seal and strips are fitted, and they contact the frame, does this constitute the gap that needs to be closed (ie it would be <3mm)? 2. Depending on the answer above, how can i reduce the gap between the doors and frame? Can I build out the trims on the doors or add to the frame? 2. Before looking on the site, I had assumed that I would need to take the doors off and cut/machine grooves in the doors to install the intumescent strips and smoke seals. However, I see that the products here are adhesive. I assume this is the modern/normal accepted approach now? Thanks John
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