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  1. Hi I wonder if someone can give a little advice! I live in a building with 9 flats over two storey's, its open plan from when you first enter the main door, there is not really a lobby as such, just the space to enter. There are two filights of wooden stairs which are 'open plan' and the staircases themselves are 'open' meaning when I go up the stairs I can see through under the stairs, (basically, if i drop my keys they can go through the back of the stairs to the level below or land on the electric cupboard if its the first flight) Anyway, I have been there 13 years, all nine flats are privately owned and we used to have a resident who would organise the window cleaners, gardeners etc, and as we were all Directors of the 'Association' and own the leasehold, This tennant has now sold and moved away, and another tennant has obviiously moved in. As there was now no-one to organise the 'running' of the block we all decided to hand it over to a management Co who have been looking after the management for little over a year now, recently they have left a notice on the groundfloor staircase informing residents that all items under the stairs need to be removed as the passageway must be kept 'clear' My argument is why?.. I understand about the fire regulations etc, but the items are not in anyway shape of form obstructing anyone from exiting the building at all, only one flat passes that area in anycase, (I'm not saying just because it only effects one person so it doesnt matter, besides, the resident there has no problems with items there, as there is some of their stuff among the items!!) Should (hopefully not) a fire situation arise everyone has clear access to get out in any case, even in the dark you are more likely bump your head under the stairs before you got 'obstructed' by said items, Nothing has ever been said in the past, we have had no problems getting insurance for the block in the past so once again I ask, why? Incidently I only knew of the notice because someone in the building mentioned it to me, its not an area I visit often, only to get my 8 year old daughters bike, the notice gave residents 7 days else things would be removed by the Management Co, but the notice never had a date on it, it could have been there for six days as far as I know and I still wouldn't have been non the wiser!, I would have a better chance of seeing the notice if they posted it on a lampost outside! Can they take away the items? any help would be appreciated,
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