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I am just carrying out a loft extension. I have a gable end window and a Velux. Building Inspection talked about fire escape windows but surely a window on its own does not constitute a fire escape. The Velux side of the extension goes into a yard where the fire brigade cannot possibly get to us. Has anybody had experience with installing fire escape ladders?

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Yes, its true, a secondary route of escape can just be an escape window (certain heights and sizes) with nothing there once you are out of the window. The rest is the 'responsibility of the brigades'. So it's up to you what you do - wave at the fire brigade from your window when they try to get to you or put something in place that gets you down. A fire escape ladder from a gable end is a lot more attractive than one that goes over the tiles of a roof!

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Guest Tom Sutton

Does that mean that by having an escape ladder you could avoid protecting your primary route of escape from fire (with fire doors etc)?

I am assuming there will be one floor above 4.5 meters so it is my unofficial opinion the answer is No as they are not considered as an alternative means of escape. Check out Approved Document B Fire Safety Vol 1 page 13 then your building control officer.

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