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Replacement product? EI 150?

Guest Dave Pawson

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Guest Dave Pawson

I'd like to update two old products, marked EI 150, with more recent ones.

One downstairs (replace with another ionisation?) Ei 151?

One on first floor landing(replace with optical?) Ei 156?

1. Can I use the same base with newer types on the old base please?

Current base plate has Live neutral and 'interconnect'? Can I assume the

current pair are interconnected?

Thanks for any advice.


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Guest Cheyney

Good morning Dave

Thank you for your enquiry. Sadly, the Ei150 series are no longer in production. However, there are easichange kits available to upgrade your alarms without losing the ability of the alarms to talk to each other. You will, however, require an electrician to change the base plate. The easichange kits come with a masking plate to cover unsightly blemishes from the old rectangular Ei150 alarm, as the new alarms are round.

Upstairs landing - ionisation smoke alarm - in this case the Ei151TL replacement alarm: ionisation smoke alarms are slightly quicker at detecting fast-flaming fires that can cover a small area quite quickly.

Downstairs hallway - optical smoke alarm - in this case the Ei156 replacement alarm: optical smoke alarms are slightly quicker at detecting slow-smouldering fires that can originate from upholstery type materials or over-heated wiring. Also if your kitchen is located just off the downstairs hallway, the optical smoke alarm is less likely than the ionisation unit to sound falsely, if cooking fumes were present from the kitchen.

I hope this helps.

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