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Extinguisher Servicing Requirement

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I am getting confusing information regarding the mtce/Servicing/Discharging of extinguishers. What are the min legal requirements for Visually Inspecting, Basic annual service and should all extinguishers be discharged every 5 years or is tha an option?
Any help
A o'c

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It is recommended that a responsible person visually inspects the fire extinguishers installed in your premises on a monthly basis. This inspection is just to ensure that the extinguisher has not been tampered with or damaged in any obvious way and can be performed by anyone within the business.

All extinguishers:

Annually you should have your extinguishers serviced (basic service) by a competent person. A competent person is defined as "a person with the qualifications, training and experience, with access to the relevant tools, equipment and information, manuals and knowledge of any special procedures recommended by the manufacturer of an extinguisher to carry out the maintenance procedures."

Powder, foam, water-based extinguishers:

Five years from commisioning (or six years from date of manufacture, whichever is soonest) your extinguishers should have an extended service (DTR - discharge, test, recharge) performed on them. This is to ensure that the interior of the extinguisher is in as safe and usable condition as the exterior of the extignuisher.

CO2 extinguishers:

CO2 extinguishers should have a basic service performed on them for the first nine years. On the tenth year they should be discharged, pressure tested, refurbished and refilled. This is quite costly and it is usually more cost effective to have a brand new unit.

I hope this answers your question,

Kind regards


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