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Area Checks on fire drills

Guest jez

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Work in a school, fire evacuation policy has fire Marshalls checking areas for any kids.

Im wondering if it's a good idea sending people into buildings that they don't know are on fire or not to look for kids that may not even be missing.

Or should the registers be done first to see if anyone is missing?

I would be interested in hearing people's views please.

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There are generally 2 ways that a building can be checked for successful evacuation:

1. Role call of persons present.

2. Sweep of the building checking areas are clear of persons as the marshal/warden checks their area on leaving.

Should a person discover a fire as they complete this process then they would evacuate the area, these persons should be formally trained & the process must be subject to a risk assessment.

Persons should never re-enter a building to look for missing persons as this is the role of the fire & rescue service.

Legislation states that the responsible person has a duty to evacuate all relevant persons so the first thing that must always be completed is a fire risk assessment to ensure that there are appropriate equipment routes & protection (passive/active) in place.

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