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Fire Stopping Survey Results for block of flats

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Our 1st floor flat (built 1998 ) in block of 6 flats,  had fire stopping survey carried out in 2023 by Managing Agents and stated that defects were found with flat front doors and communal doors and none met new fire safety regulations 2022.   Initially we were advised by letter in September 2023 that Managing Agents were in discussions with original builders and were hopping they would cover some costs.    In October I chased for an update and an email response  stated "the site was developed with indadequate firestopping protection and discussions were taking place about necessary works and costs with original builders".  Eight blocks of flats were covered under this audit and all blocks were built by same builders around the same time.

In January 2024 we received a letter stating what the defects were with our door and as per our lease as door demised we had 30 days to carry out replacement of the door.  The letter contained no information other than that.

Weeks of emails and phone calls chasing Management Company for clarification and response to questions has resulted in a pained phone call stating there had been some confusion and actually only the common area doors were covered by the discussions in previous correspondance,  they also agreed the 30 day deadline was not valid and they needed to re-evaluate this statement.   He did admit there communication was not what it should be and said they would go away and respond with a clearer outline of what involved etc.  I have heard nothing back.   They have not provided a copy of the audit report nor any information on what type of door has to be installed to meet their requirements as well as current fire door requirements.

I also asked for an explanation as to why our doors are not covered the same as the common area based on their comment about inadequate fire stopping quote, Property Mananger waffled and said I had misunderstood the email wording.  Another leaseholder had a contractor in who said that new fire doors  will be too big for the existing frames so the frames would need to be adjusted, the Property Manager said he didn't know about this and again I stated this should have all come out in the audit and we need to see it and why hadn't they reviewed all this information.  They have no timeframe for the common area doors to be replaced and via a facebook page I have found out a number of other residents have been trying to get hold of the M.A. to get some clarity and all say no response.

What are my rights and what are the Managing Agents responsible for.  I feel leaseholders are being made to carry out upgrades without the Managing Agents truely understanding what is involved or what is actually legally required.   After reading latest guidance on fire safety, while it states checks should be carried out by the "responsible person" on a regular basis it simply says where inspections identify the need for repair or replacement of any fire door, this work must be undertaken by a competent contractor as soon as reasonably practicable". 


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