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Lock main door internally with pushbar access

Guest Craig NMCC

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Guest Craig NMCC

Hi there, 


I've seen a similar post further down in relation to double fire doors. Our Community Centre is a little different and hoping someone can help.


We have a single main door which operates from a pushbar on the inside. On the outside there is a lock and handle which doesn't affect the use of the pushbar..


We believe that for some instances we should be able to lock the door from the inside to avoid anyone walking in, at the moment the only way of doing this is to open the door, lock it from the outside whilst still open and then close behind us. The pushbar can still be used as normal to exit and the door is locked behind you. 


We asked the building owners if it was possible to install a lock on the inside of the door to allow for this but was told that this isn't possible as there isn't a way of doing it without restricting the push bar in any way. Is this the case? I can't figure out how its possible to lock it externally without interfering with the pushbar yet not internally.

Any advice appreciated.

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