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Foam Double Sided Draft Excluder on Fire Door

Gray File

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Hi all,

We have a bit of a predicament with one of our neighbors. We live in an 1880s terraced house that's been converted into three flats. Our immediate neighbor beneath us is a bit tricky. I'm forever picking her cigarette ends out of the drain, bushes, steps, and whatnot. And it's clear that she likes the odd one out the window too, as there's one stuck to her window sill. Any rd, we are currently in the process of having fire-rated closers fitted to all of the internal front doors.
She currently has a Double Sided Door Draft Excluder on her door.
 And I'm pretty sure that it will be an obstruction to the new closer + wouldn't this ignite and help the door burn quicker? I have an idea that it's there more to stop us from smelling her misdemeanors - she's not allowed to smoke in her tenancy agreement. I was thinking that she would need something like a brush seal under her door.

Does this need to be fire rated, as I can't seem to find one?

Much obliged,


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Hi all, If you search google with 'Under Door Foam Double Sided Draught Excluder' you'll see what I'm talking about. I didn't realize links weren't allowed and they have been deleted from my post. What I have bought her to replace it is a 'STORMGUARD HEAVY DUTY BRUSH SEAL ALUMINIUM 0.91M'. Hope this info helps. Thanks, Gray

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