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Occupancy numbers

Karl J

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Hello, just looking for thoughts on this, I have been asked to work out occupancy numbers for a restaurant, there are two exits, the one to the rear is a set of secure double doors that release on fire and open outward(clear width 1300mm), and the front entrance which again is a set of double doors (clear width 1180mm). They have seating capacity for around 181 persons with about 8 sitting at the bar, so in theory they should be ok, the only issue I have is, discounting the larger door set leaves the front entrance, which opens inwards. How would that alter the figures? Thanks in advance.


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Guest Ed1234

Inward opening door reduces occupancy to 60 people after discounting.

- change the opening direction of front doors, or;

- secure in the open position during trading hours (management process required)


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I have read that line somewhere but I can't remember what document it was in, regarding the secure in the open position of inwards opening exits.

Main question is, does the securing in the open position of an inwards opening door remove the (60 max) capacity and revert back to the doors width capacity. The document I read this in didn't actually explain. Anyone in the know please?

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