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Guest Nicki

I have a 1 bedroom first floor self contained flat in a 2 storey block, there is also a lower ground flat but as far as BR state, it’s a 2 storey block.

The block was converted in 1987 and although I do not have a building control certificate, I have had the flat for over 24 years and the layout etc has never altered from the original planning permission that was approved.

I have an inner bedroom, however, as the floor is not over 4.5 metres from the ground level, I felt this would be satisfactory for fire regs. Means of escape was updated in building control 1985 so a conversion approved in 1987 would have that taken into account.

The window in the bedroom doesn’t have a bottom opener so wouldn’t meet current regulations but when the tenant moved in, I did ask if he felt he would be able to exit from that window and he said yes. The window is extremely large with hinges that hold the window wide open if needing to exit. 

Long story short, a housing officer from the council has visited the flat and said I need a fire suppression system because of the inner room.  She measured from the bedroom window and as the drop below goes into the lower ground level, so above a 4.5 metre drop, she has said it doesn’t comply. Just for reference, the house is semi detached with side pedestrian access, so if the tenant exited from the window hr could exit away from the property with ease and/or the fire brigade could get there and access the window. 

I am informed that LACORS is out of date but I and every other landlord also have no other guidance available.

Looking at risk, there is one tenant in the flat and only 4 flats in the block. The tenant is in full time work with no disabilities. The block is managed by an agent with a recent FRA.  I have a fire door to the communal hallway plus smoke/heat detector in the flat. 

As a landlord, I feel I have taken the inner room seriously in my own risk assessment and I can’t really afford to install a fire suppression. Wanting to hear thoughts 

another point, it’s a small one bedroom flat with no extended travel. If the detector went off in the living area it would be heard but was looking to get interlinked smoke/heat detectors to include inner room to be confident of early detection……….

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