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Floor Soundproofing Systems - Compliant for fire safety/with Building Regs and Insurers etc?

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My specific enquiry relates to SOUNDMAT 3 Plus for a domestic dwelling with wooden tongue & groove plank floors - for a bedroom above a living room.

Basically to retro-install below carpet/in place of carpet underlay in the bedroom so as to improve reduction of sounds transmitted up from the living room into the bedroom above.

The datasheet/brochure for this product https://irp.cdn-website.com/28aa4e38/files/uploaded/ProSound SoundMat 3 Plus Product Brochure_A7AE4q29QbuNSAsjJRWB.pdf offers this on fire rating:

"Fire - 0 burn rate

Barrier mat: (top and bottom layer) Flammability (FMVSS 302) : Zero burn rate Service temperature: <90°C (continuous) & <120°C (short periods)

9mm Foam layer: TVS ABSorb Class O foam is a fully tested fire resistant foam that achieves the fire resistance requirements of British Building Regulations BS476: Part 6 & 7, satisfying the highest level Class ‘O’. Flammability (FMVSS 302 ) Self extinguishing. ASTM 1692:1974:

Resists ignition. Service temperature: <80°C (continuous) & <110°C (short periods)"

My initial query largely relates to the standards and fire performance that have been quoted - FMVSS 302 appears to relate to motor vehicles and ASTM 1692:1974: appears to have been withdrawn and I don't have access to BS476: Part 6 & 7  = ???

= Does it meet the requirements of the Building Regulations? 

= Is it safe to retro-install? 

= Will insurers accept it or might they challenge and/or require notification and possibly other requirements?

As a non-expert - looking around and at floor coverings EN13501-1 Fire Protection Classification might seem to apply [and no mention is made of this for this product] - Hence my enquiries.


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