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Fire exit that is also a main entrance

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I have to fit exit hardware to a set of double doors that is also the main entrance as the current fire exits have steps and they need an exit suitable for wheelchairs so the front doors are the only option. In terms of regulations I have tried but failed to find any clear guidance on what I need to do in this situation. They would like a push bar on the secondary opening door and an internal thumb turn on the primary opening door as they obviously still need to be able to lock the door from the outside to secure the premises.
Would this meet fire regulations? I am concerned that if there were a case where the panic bar were used but someone had locked the main door that it could not open, though the first door would swing open with the second, the bolt could catch and cause the doors to jam. 
Are there any other avenues that I should be exploring? 

At the moment the second door is bolted top and bottom and the main door is operated with a deadbolt lock. 

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