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EI radio-interlinked mains-powered smoke alarms


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I have Received EI168146 and EI168141 alarms with Radio-Interlinked units.

They have been fitted by electrician but neither of us can get the alarms to interconnect. I have read and double checked the instructions. The alarms are located in hallway and on landing directly above with no interference or physical barrier. I did press housecode within minutes, probably within seconds. All units are powered up and green light is on. Have tried to deactivate repeater function and reactivate on different unit but this still has made no difference.

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Ok let's reset, as it sounds that the system has lost its information:

1) set units to factory mode: press housecode button with screwdriver for 7 seconds til amber light has come on fully. Repeat with other unit

2) test communication by pressing test button til sounder in both units is starting. Wait 2 minutes. Then repeat with second unit.

3) Set housecode again: Press Housecode button with screwdriver for 1 to 2 seconds til amber light flashes with double flash every 5 seconds. Repeat with other unit. This type of flashing carries on for about 15 minutes.

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