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  1. Thank you for your time, honestly its much appreciated Sir. I understand what I need to do now.
  2. thanks for the reply really appreciate it, yes the entrance leads to fresh air. how would a fd30 door be made to 60 minute standard? thanks again
  3. I own a blocks of flats in saint annes, I have recently decided to use a unused small room for storage, its ground floor the room is 2m x 2m and has a wooden none fire door screwed shut which leads to an old lift. I am having the entrance door and frame changed to a fd30 one, its entrance in the side of the building, but i am unsure of what i need to have done to the lift entrance because it is unused? Do i need a fire door and frame then lock it ? or it ok how it is or should i have it taken out and bricked up or fire board it. Any help would be most welcome, thank you for your time.
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