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  1. Thanks AnthonyB - that all makes perfect sense and is much appreciated! Ed
  2. My Employer has recently rented some office space in building which is an old converted barn and in use as such for 20yrs plus. We've just had our first external fire inspection/service/maintenance visit from external contractors and their report highlights actions and a large quote for said works. I'm querying the following points: i) The Fire Control Panel needs replacing as over manufacturers 10yr guarantee so doesn't conform to BS5839-1 2017 - I'd argue its fit for purpose as is tested weekly and risk of deterioration is minimal as located in dry, warm reception foyer ii) The loft space requires means of detection - The loft is empty bar insulation and wiring (lights) and we will not be using. I'd argue that the risk of ignition is low and detection isn't required to ensure safe evac of staff in the office below. I'm going to have it secured and sign as 'permit to work required' so that temporary fire detection (smoke angel etc.) can be arranged in the unlikely event of works up there. Questions: 1) On the face of info presented does anybody disagree with these risk based judgments presented in i & ii? If I'm wrong I'm happy to be told so but there is a bit of holding the Contractor to account here as the feeling is they state BS compliance too readily and quote happily rather than giving professional advice on options. 2) RRFSO is about Duty Holder requirement to aid early detection and evac to protect life - it doesn't take in to account property (apart from if say collapse of such property would endanger others in which case Emergency arrangements would dictate others would be alerted) Correct? 3) I get that *ensuring* there is provision of fire detection and alarm systems is a employers requirement under RRFSO but is it not trumped by Landlord Act or Occupiers liability Act which state that Landlord arrangements to be in place to 'safeguard/protect' (not so familiar with these so not sure of phase/language) people other than their visitors? I've read articles that fire alarm systems are Landlord responsibilities unless express agreement/statement otherwise. 4) unrelated but kind of related (going back to my assessment of fire risk in the attic) am I right in thinking the Landlord has respnsibility to demonstrate and esnure electrical system is safe ie produce a EICR report and evidence of completed works where highlighted as C1, C2.. 5) BS isn't a legal requirement correct? May be a stipulation of the Landlords building insurance though correct? What about my Employers insurer, say in the event of injury or worse for cover to be in place to protect against civil claim. Thanks in advance. ES (H&S Mgr)
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