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  1. Just another point, I understand that the Lacors Fire safety guidance states "22.4 BS 5839: part 6, The design, installation and servicing of fire detection and alarm systems in dwellings, is not a prescriptive standard, but is based on the principles of fire risk assessment. It should be treated with flexibility. The standards recommended... are to be regarded as base guidelines." This presumably means there is room for practical discretion?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. It does seem excessive for a terraced house conversion. I haven't seen this Grade A set up in other terraced house conversions. I was hoping to avoid the installation of a control panel. Any suggestions?
  3. There has been a recent Fire Risk Assessment with a declared deficiency, which is described below: Property: Victorian terraced building that has been converted into 3 private single dwelling one-bedroom flats, one on each floor. Each flat is self contained with single occupancy. Each Flat leads directly to the communal area that comprises an entrance hallway, stairs with a landing on the first floor. The communal area is also the fire escape route. Fire Risk Assessment deficiency: "Recommendation is made to install an automatic fire alarm system for purpose-b
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