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  1. So, for those interested. I finally got to the bottom of this. The reason why the fire risk assessors have stated that our current fire extinguishers are suitable, is that they will subdue a solvent fire long enough to allow an escape, with the caveat that the fire might well re-ignite once the solvent has completely destroyed the foam blanket. Quite why they think it's sensible to recommend fire extinguishers which may not actually extinguish a fire, is beyond me, but at least I can understand their rationale.
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    Hi Brian. I've no idea whether you are still following this thread. You mention a landlord, does that mean you pay rent for your flat, rather than own it? If so, I'd say it's the landlord's responsibility to make repairs, unless there is something specific in your lease. I'd certainly encourage you to take independent advice on this. Sources of Advice for Leaseholders about their Rights Age UK Advice Line: Tel. 0800 055 6112 https://www.ageuk.org.uk/contact-us/information-and-advice/ The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) - Free initial legal advic
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    Why do you think it's a fire hazard? Are you concerned about smoke or flames entering the vent if someone set fire to the wood? I won't comment on the potential fire hazard, but what's their problem with the vent? How can they think it's acceptable to attach something to your wall? I assume you live in England?
  4. Thanks very much, Anthony. That's very helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to post a comprehensive response.
  5. Hello all First post, and it’s a lengthy one. I joined this forum especially to ask this, so please bear with me. It concerns a fire risk assessment, specifically on the type of fire extinguishers required. I'd like people to poke as many holes in this as possible, so do your worst. I’d like to thank in advance any and all who reply. Names of organisations omitted deliberately. I am a chemist, and work in a chemical analysis laboratory, related to law enforcement 😉 We have approximately 50 litres of solvents in the lab, mostly in 2.5 litre glass Winchester bottles, and ap
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