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  1. These mains wired smoke alarms should be banned, i have come to that conclusion because it gives people a false sense of security, as even the manufacturers say the sensors in them only last 10 years, as you can now buy these alarms with 10 year battery life, they will start beeping after or near that time to tell you the battery is low, meaning, the whole unit needs updating. Mains wired with a battery back up, mean just change the battery every couple of years, and as its connected to the mains, it could be on the ceiling well past its 10 year sensor life. So i think i will not bother at all
  2. So why did the old one work without the light switch being on, i cant see anything else up their to connect the white wire to. the wire itself is only about 8 inches long, and that yoke on the rafter is the only thing i could see that it could possibly be connected to. as its plastic, could it mean that the two pieces of plastic, ie one on the rafter, and the other at the end of the white wire with the tape around it, maybe i put it back in such a way that the two pieces are not touching each other, the tape might be in the way, as you can see guys, i do not know much about this subject, if i
  3. So as this worked fine with the last smoke alarm fitted, why does it only work now with the light switch on, and does it have anything to do with the white wire in the ceiling recess.
  4. I just replaced an old mains smoke alarm with a BRK 660 MBX. Now, the old one had a green light on all the time, this new one i needed to change the baseplate as well, as the connectors were different, so i pulled the wires down through the hole from the ceiling, so i had three bare wires, brown, blue and white, screwed the baseplate to the ceiling and loosened the small screws so i could put each wire into the connection, blue wire opposite the blue wire in the baseplate, brown opposite brown wire and white opposite white wire. and tightened the screws, now, this white wire from the ceiling h
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