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  1. Hi Tom, to answer your questions: 1. You exit the office into a corridor, with additional rooms. 2. To the left, the exit is to a stairwell, 1 flight down to exit the building. The to the right, pass by 1 office and a kitchen into a room 12m x 10m. At the opposite end are 2 exits, 12 o'clock and 10 o'clock. 1 is to external fire escape stairs, the final door is to a protected route. 3. The room is 3m x 3m and 2m high to a false ceiling. Hope this helps
  2. Hi, you have probably been asked this 1000 times, but I couldn't find an answer so here goes. I have been asked to assess the risk of permanently removing a fire door from an office. The office has a single point of access / egress, through said door, and no window. Once out of the door, turn left 3 meters or right 20 meters to get to Fire exits. The office is manned 24/7. Has the usual Fire detection systems. Fire sources would be from a small kitchen, electrical or paper. Kitchen and bins emptied at least daily. Kitchen generally clean and tidy and bins emptied daily. PAT and Fire System ar
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