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  1. Hi Anthony Many thanks for your detailed reply. Yes the flat doors were inspected: When assessed in the closed position do fire doors appear to provide notional resistance to fire and smoke for a period of time? Doors appeared to be sound, imperforate and well fitting. Are all doors identified as being required for fire protection considered to offer notional fire resistance in that they are smoke stopping, tight fitting and self closed in line with relevant guidance? As a relatively new purpose built block it is reasonable to assume that all flat doors w
  2. I'm a leaseholder of a purpose-built block of 8 flats built in 1985. The current managing agent had a FRA carried out in July which seems highly dubious in its recommendations. It is a 3 storey block with a services riser shaft, where each access cupboard on ground/1st/2nd floors has a fire door. Leaseholders were misled in 2008 by a previous managing agent to have a communal fire alarm installed "to comply with new legislation". I have known for many years that this requirement was false. The alarm system has been depowered and non-operational since 2015. For some inexplicable reaso
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