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  1. AnthonyB, Thank you for your advice. In the days before cars, those gates would have opened onto a street or passageway leading to a street. Now, houses demolished and a car park. The students passing through was never seen as a problem but we have to solve all the long-standing problems I described and that can only be done with a secure boundary. We can't have the students leaving gates open, which will inevitably happen. We rent the premises and car park, so, I suppose we need to talk to the landlord to check the points you made. Also, we need to bite the bullet and talk t
  2. My name is Fred Clarke and I am a trustee for a charity based in Leicester. The buildings in our area are of Georgian/ Victorian vintage and many are now student accommodation (flats). Three of these buildings are on one road but their gardens back onto our car park which gives way onto yet another road. Those student flats have gates from their gardens into our car park and for a very long time the students have used their back gates to exit their accommodation and walk through our car park whenever they please. We have never before considered this as a particular problem but we
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